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A Day in the Life - Education Services at FMSI

By Bobby Underwood – SVP Educational Services, FMSI

If you ever told one of your employees they must attend product training for a new or existing technology they support, more than likely they either rolled their eyes or shrugged their shoulders. Perhaps there is even a big, deep sigh of disappointment. For most employees, training is something that is a required element of a job, but it’s not often that employees actually look forward to attending and participating.

Some think training is a week of golf, shopping or happy hours, with short classes and overhead slide presentations peppered in between.  But in today’s economy where training budgets are growing smaller, training must be productive, effective, efficient and spot-on to meet an organization’s needs.

Sure we expect to always be looking out for new learning opportunities.  Learning is a key element or requirement for any kind of future success in today’s job market, or within your own organization—especially in today’s rapidly-evolving world of technology. It’s not easy to stay ahead.  It’s critical to absorb information effectively as learning isn’t a sprint it’s a journey.
At FMSI, our Education Services Group is dedicated to providing our customers training solutions and offerings that help drive your success in using our suite of products. Our aim is to combat the eye-rolling, shoulder shrugging and deep sighs by delivering training sessions that are:

1)      Engaging
2)      Motivating

And most of all….

3)      FUN!!!!

Fun to FMSI is engaging hands-on class participants. We have found a way to directly link the training workshops and integrate them into the objectives and expectations of the learners.  We are passionate, dedicated educators who take delight in seeing our customers become proficient users of all our suite of products.

When class participants are relaxed and more comfortable in the training environment, they are more open to having fun, and being both active listeners and highly participative. This is the kind of atmosphere our group likes to create… “we learn a lot during the workshop, but we also laugh a lot.”

Whether it is fun ice-breakers to get people to talk and respond to questions, group discussions or more hands-on learning activities that encourage collaboration and communication, Education Services at FMSI is a TON of fun! We have a great time helping our attendees get the most out of their training experiences, and it is always great to hear from them after their classes – especially the ones who take the experiences they had in their training session and share the enthusiasm with other members of their organization.