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Kronos FMSI Suite of Products


... Learning that another institution's labor cost per transaction is $0.65 ... and yours is $1.25.

... Discovering that lunchtime bottlenecks in your lobbies are causing wait times to double for account holders seeking services.

... Uncovering a decline in teller transaction volumes over the past 10 years while your staffing levels remain unchanged.

... Learning that your staff is standing around and waiting for work a lot more than you realized.

What You Don't Know Could Be Costing You

With powerful branch decision-support and staffing tools from FMSI®, management finally has the tools to tackle key issues such as:

  • Finding the Right Balance for Your Teller Line - The Kronos FMSI Scheduler™ facilitates scheduling to ensure that your branches are always efficiently staffed for excellent service levels.
  • Diminishing sales, productivity and service - The Kronos FMSI Lobby Tracker a web-based, real-time queuing and reporting tool assists management in maximizing their lobby experience through branch lobby management.
  • Driving more high-quality interactions to the branch - The Kronos FMS Appointment Concierge empowers your account holders with a powerful timesaving and convenient technology tailored for the banking environment.  With this solution, your account holders can easily schedule a branch appointment through your institution’s website, or mobile banking application.
  • Finding the Right Balance for Your Contact Center - The Kronos FMSI Scheduler™ can also be utilized for scheduling based on call volume forecasts for bank and credit union contact center efficiency.


On average, financial institutions uncover the potential for savings of $24,000 to $36,000 per branch annually - simply through more efficient scheduling.

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