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FMSI® Omnix Suite of Products™



What Are Your Numbers Saying?

The FMSI® software as a service solutions provide eye-opening performance information.

... Learning that another institution's labor cost per transaction is $0.65 ... and yours is $1.25.

... Discovering that lunchtime bottlenecks in your lobbies are causing wait times to double for account holders seeking services.

... Uncovering a decline in teller transaction volumes over the past 10 years while your staffing levels remain unchanged.

... Learning that your staff is standing around and waiting for work a lot more than you realized.

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The FMSI® Teller-Line Study white paper is based on a compilation of statistics, built off 25 years of proprietary data, from financial institutions all accross North America.  The poweful information in this study reveals detailed industry insights about transaction efficiency trends in the retail branch environment - amongst other information, such as labor cost statistics.  See how you can better control labor costs.

What You Don't Know Could Be Costing You

With powerful branch decision-support and staffing tools from FMSI®, management finally has the tools to tackle key issues such as:

  • Finding the Right Balance for Your Teller Line - The FMSI® Omnix Staff Scheduler™ facilitates scheduling to ensure that your branches are always efficiently staffed for excellent service levels.
  • Diminishing sales, productivity and service - The FMSI® Omnix Lobby Tracker®; a web-based, real-time queuing and reporting tool assists management in maximizing their lobby experience through branch lobby management.
  • Driving more high-quality interactions to the branch - The FMSI® Omnix Appointment Concierge empowers your account holders with a powerful timesaving and convenient technology tailored for the banking environment.  With this solution, your account holders can easily schedule a branch appointment through your institution’s website, or mobile banking application.
  • Finding the Right Balance for Your Contact Center - The FMSI® Omnix Staff Scheduler™ can also be utilized for scheduling based on call volume forecasts for bank and credit union contact center efficiency.


On average, financial institutions taking advantage of the FMSI® Branch Efficiency Aduit, uncover the potential for savings of $24,000 to $36,000 per branch annually - simply through more efficient scheduling.

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