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FMSI Clients Go Green

Interactive Dashboard and eReports help clients “Go Paperless”

By Matthew J. Hertel, Senior Vice President of Client Relations at FMSI

Clients Capitalize on Paperless Options – Many of our clients have already decided they no longer need FMSI's monthly printed reports and have requested to only receive their FMSI executive and regional reports electronically in a pdf.  Branch reports have been available in pdf only for years.  With the cost of most paper products continuing to rise, we are all aware of the impact of printing emails, documents and reports.  As many of you know, your executive reports can consist of hundreds of printed pages.

Two alternatives to stock-piling printed reports - FMSI currently offers multiple alternatives to printed reports.
Omnix Performance Analytics™ (traditional TMS and CMS reports, see new branding note below*) - Omnix Performance Analytics™ electronic reports are now housed in the portal, which eliminates the need for FMSI to manually email or print and ship your executive and region reports.  It also eliminates the need for anyone in your organization to post the reports on an intranet, and/or also manually distribute them by email.  Clients have found that accessing their traditional reports online in Omnix™ to be much more convenient and the long-term access to these electronic reports puts their historical reports quickly at their fingertips. 

Omnix Interactive Dashboard™ – The new FMSI Omnix Interactive Dashboard™ not only displays a powerful performance productivity snapshot, but also allows users to conveniently and easily drill down into specific key performance indicators to see the whole story.   In addition to information from the existing FMSI Executive Summary report, the Interactive Dashboard™ allows users to:

  • Analyze detailed summary views - including various trend charts
  • Prepare and send reports in pdf form for senior management presentations
  • See data in multiple formats

Impact of “Going Paperless” at FMSI – A July 2014 FMSI printed report analysis found that:


  • 59% of our clients have already decided to use electronic reports and the Omnix Interactive Dashboard™ to review their branch and call center monthly performance.   
  • Projected 2014 annual paper usage will decrease by 73% from the 2005 usage level, while active clients over that same period of time have increased by 90%.      
  • Approximately 1 million sheets of paper were used in 2005, which will decrease to an estimated 275,000 sheets of paper in 2014
  • From information found on multiple websites, the average sized pine tree produces approximately 80,000 sheets of paper
  • With an estimated reduction of 725,000 sheets of paper in 2014, when compared to 2005 usage, this reduction in paper consumption will save approximately 9 average sized pine trees this year alone.

Move away from stock-piling printed reports – If you’re interested in learning more about the alternatives to monthly printed reports, please contact the FMSI Client Relations department at clientrelations

*FMSI’s New Branding - Last month we announced a newly designed logo along with new product branding.  Our new product branding was developed to be better aligned with our strategic focus and is ideal for future product releases, which are currently in development.  In place of the industry leading Teller Management System™ (TMS) and Lobby Tracking System™, all FMSI products will now be represented by a streamlined name – Omnix™.
Suite of Products - Our entire suite of products will soon be housed in one online portal.



  • The Business Intelligence Vu Scheduling (BIVu) has converted to the Omnix Staff Scheduler™.
  • The traditional Teller Management System™ and ContactCenter Management System™ (CMS) monthly reports have converted to Omnix Performance Analytics™, with CMS recently added to Omnix™.
  • The TMS Dashboard is now called the Omnix Interactive Dashboard™ and is also available in the Omnix Suite of Products™.
  • The Lobby Tracking System™ has converted to the Omnix Lobby Tracker™ and is the only FMSI product that is not currently accessed via FMSI’s Omnix portal.