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FMSI Operational Excellence Award - Finalists

Community First Credit Union - Continued

“First and foremost, our goal is to provide outstanding member service,” says Kevin Hartz the SVP of Branch Operations at CFCU.  “From scheduling our staff to achieving loan growth, everything revolves around our member-centric mindset.”

Providing WOW! Member Service:

CFCU continually strives for what they deem “wow service,” and 2013 was a shining example of this —with service levels that deepen member relationships helping them to land among the top ten credit unions in the nation for financial performance for the fifth year in a row. 

“Through training and coaching, we instill with our staff to never settle for anything less than exceptional service,” says Minh McKenzie the VP of Sales and Service at CFCU.  “It’s all about asking the extra question to uncover additional ways to better serve them.”  The right staffing levels are critical to making these types of member-interactions possible, giving each member the time and attention they deserve to not only meet their need, but uncover opportunities.

This combination of a sales and service culture paired with a member-centric delivery system has helped CFCU to achieve a greater degree of engagement among members in 2013, and an industry average shattering loan growth of more than 17% year-over-year.

Innovative Marketing Campaign:

Instead of focusing another campaign on low interest rates, CFCU’s message stands firmly on the other end of the spectrum—focusing on helping individuals save $43 million in 2013 for a three-year total of $100 million in interest savings by refinancing loans from other financials to CFCU.  The campaign has resonated in their community among members and new members alike,  helping them not only save money, but making a profound difference in their lives by giving them the ability to save for their children’s education, create a savings plan, take vacations, retire on-time or early, pay off their home faster and more.  The innovative approach paid off in 2013 helping to fuel loan growth and living their brand with their members.

“The campaign speaks to people on a very real and personal level and is delivered to our members through the right mix of staffing and training,” says Amanda Secor the SVP of Marketing at CFCU.  “Whether they saved a little or a lot, members are grateful for what we could do for them, and will likely be our most engaged members for years to come.”

Strong Leadership (New Scheduling System): 

Establishing a member-centric culture through accountability, coaching, and having the right resources in place is an everyday effort for CFCU, and it all starts at the top.  A perfect example is rolling out FMSI’s new scheduler earlier this year, a vital resource for putting their staff in the optimal position to provide wow service.  With a new system, comes the fear of change.  By working closely with FMSI’s implementation team and keeping a diligent focus on the process, CFCU showcased strong leadership—resulting in an improved staff scheduling process.


FSG Bank - Continued

“It’s our goal to be one of the most efficient banks out there,” says Martin E. Schrodt the EVP of Retail for FSG Bank.  “We are constantly looking for ways to better our operation, and 2013 was a great year for us.”

Reduction in annual labor expense

With the help of FMSI’s branch workforce optimization solution, FSG improved their overall branch staffing approach.  By receiving detailed traffic forecasts from FMSI, FSG was able to better utilize part-timers (PT) in the branch, increasing their PT pool from 5 to 30.  The efficiency gains they realized from their continued efforts supported by data driven employee scheduling resulted in $400,000 in labor cost savings.

Opened a fully functional call center

To improve customer service and support having fewer branch employees, when an account holder calls their local FSG branch it is now seamlessly rerouted to a centralized call center.  Customers are happy to have the full attention of an FSG call center employee to address the purpose of their call, an outcome that did not always occur when busy branches handled the calls directly.  No longer having to answer the phone during hectic times in the branch has also improved employee morale, leading to improved customer service.

Launched an intranet site

Having a central electronic location to store important documents has been very helpful for FSG.  They also use their intranet site as a medium to communicate with their employees.  On a consistent basis they announce individual recognitions and rewards, creating a stronger community and enhanced culture.