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Higher Education Software Solution

FMSI provides a higher education software solution that increases efficiency, improves student servicing capabilities, and promotes productivity among counselors at higher education institutions. Campus Lobby Tracker (CLT) equips counselors and administrators with the tools to serve students quickly and effectively based on each student’s specific needs. Our higher education software allows administrators and counselors to:
  • Streamline student arrivals with electronic sign in.
  • Track wait times and service times for each student.
  • Log student/counselor conversation history.
  • Access pertinent information regarding each student’s visit.
  • Monitor the performance of counselors and advisors.
Eliminate Log Books, Minimize Costly Errors and Increase Efficiency

FMSI’s Campus Lobby Tracker provides an intuitive electronic sign-in feature that eliminates the hassle of paper sign-in forms and log books. This leads to reduced wait times for students and allows advisors to service more students in a shorter period of time.

Enhance Counselor Effectiveness

CLT for higher ED also enhances the overall effectiveness of counselors by allowing quick access to past student/counselor conversation history. All advisors can now give appropriate recommendations to each student in a timely manner even if they have no prior history with that particular student. FMSI’s higher education software solution will lead to a more effective staff and a more efficient institution as a whole.

 “With LTS, all counselors are kept in the loop with every student who comes through our doors”

Kyal WebsterPrairie View A&M University

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