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Campus Lobby Tracker

Campus Lobby Student Tracking Software 

Through the collection and analysis of lobby service interactions, FMSI’s higher education software solution quickly empowers management teams with easy-to-read and actionable business intelligence—to help better service the walk-in traffic for financial aid offices and other campus lobby waiting areas.

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Texas State University  Selects FMSI’s Campus Lobby Tracker™
Cornell University  Selects FMSI’s Campus Lobby Tracker™
“With so many students’ futures riding on academic funding, it is critical that they receive help quickly.  FMSI’s Campus Lobby Tracker™ dramatically reduced wait times and enabled us to provide better, more accurate service by creating a more cohesive unit among our financial aid counselors.”

Kyal Webster
Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
Prairie View A&M University

Campus Lobby Tracking for Colleges and Universities

  • Reduce wait times through a streamlined, secure electronic sign-in process.
  • Enable all counselors to quickly help students with pop-up service alerts and a notes feature–your staff becomes a more cohesive unit.
  • Provide the information you need to keep staff accountable and coach them to excellence, with over 20 unique management reports, including Financial Advisor Performance Reports. 
  • Gain access to valuable real-time information from your lobby, through the Campus Lobby TrackerTM executive dashboard.

Online Queue Management for Higher Education

Real-Time Lobby Performance DASHBOARD

Students Assisted Report

Financial aid offices use the below chart to help determine the performance of each counselor by identifying potential coaching opportunities.  For example, a manager may notice in the below chart that Katherine Cook has a "student assisted" total significantly less than his peers, and might want to address this metric with him during a one-on-one coaching session.

To learn more about how your financial aid office can benefit from FMSI's Campus Lobby TrackerTM, contact us today.

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