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Motor City Community Credit Union Achieves Significant Gains in Staffing Efficiency with FMSI's Workforce Optimization Solution

In response to the industry-wide year-over-year decline in branch transaction volumes, the $250 million Ontario-based Motor City Credit Union (MCCCU) initiated a more sophisticated staffing approach for its three branches—with the help of FMSI, a leading workforce optimization vendor.  As a result, over the past couple of years MCCCU has made considerable gains in reducing excess labor costs without impacting service.

“Over the last several years we witnessed a gradual increase in the amount of downtime time our staff would have on the front-line,” says Charles Janisse, CEO at MCCCU.  “It became very apparent to us that staffing our branches the same way we always had would be extremely inefficient—an issue only getting worse every year.”

With the staff realignment initiative, the first step for MCCCU was to quantify the potential savings associated with their proposed optimization efforts.  With the help of FMSI, they were able to compile and analyze their core system transaction data, allowing them to compare their historic and forecasted hourly traffic patterns against current staffing levels.

“After reviewing the reports FMSI provided with its complimentary trial, we finally had an actual dollar amount we could tie to our excess labor costs,” says Janisse.  “It was a no-brainer for us to put a more concerted effort towards better aligning employee coverage with member demand.  The savings potential was significant.”

Branch Staff Efficiency Gains

With the help of FMSI’s Omnix Staff Scheduler™ and Performance Analytics™, MCCCU’s focused efforts has paid off, with savings earned from the initiative covering both the cost of the FMSI system and much more over the past couple of years.

“We’ve made considerable progress with the help of FMSI, but we still have a ways to go,” says Janisse.  “Having a clear understanding of our overall savings potential, helps us set achievable annual goals.  We will continue to strive towards reaching these goals each and every month.”

Workforce Optimization – An Ongoing Effort

The ongoing management of the system has been a streamlined process for MCCCU’s COO, Rob Griffith.

“Every month some of our branches hit-it-out-of-the-park while others struggle,” says Griffith.  “Having the FMSI executive summary report helps me to quickly identify the pertinent workforce performance data, and take action if needed.”

Rob routinely addresses staffing performance opportunities with his branch managers, such as, better utilizing part-time employees during peak performance times. 

“Holding every employee accountable to clearly stated goals is an integral part of our success,” adds Griffith.  “FMSI’s Omnix solution makes this whole process much easier and effective.”

Along with a five percent decrease in their average labor cost per transaction over the past couple of years, MCCU has also increased their part-time employee utilization by twelve percentage points.

“As important as member service is, never having a line of account holders in your branches is an unrealistic goal in today’s competitive environment,” says Janisse.  “Understanding the true cost associated with this type of staffing approach is crucial for financial institutions.  Having better information, from firms like FMSI, leads to making better decisions, and ultimately results in higher performing branches.”