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Why FMSI®?

Stronger Performance, Sharper Earnings®.  Financial institutions all across North America are experiencing material bottom-line savings and increasing their sales by utilizing FMSI's Suite of Products, including in-depth branch business intelligence, staff scheduling applications and more.  

Client Testimonials

The FMSI® dynamic online dashboard and monthly reports have extensive performance management information including a ranking report that consists of peer productivity metrics—for benchmarking purposes.  Bolstering the powerful workforce management reporting is a sophisticated web-based scheduling application that systematically allocates the right branch network staff, at the right place, at the right time.

The most common challenges FMSI® clients face before our partnership include:

  • Frustrated with not having readily available business intelligence to help determine optimal branch staffing levels, including hours of operation not being in line with account holder activity. (learn more)
  • Tired of not having a solution to assign more meaningful tasks during front-line staff Idle Time. (see case study)
  • Frustrated with not knowing operational performance ranking compared to industry peers. (learn more)
  • Disappointed with the inability to quantify staff efficiency gains from technology investments. (see case study) (see Online Dashboard)
  • Fed up with a time consuming scheduling process that does not align staff with account holder demand.  (watch video)

The FMSI® suite of products addresses the most critical branch functions, including: sales, service and productivity.  Learn more about our other branch software solutions, including: Kronos FMSI Lobby Tracker® and Kronos FMSI Appointment Concierge™.

The FMSI® Teller-Line Study white paper is based on a compilation of statistics, built off 25 years of proprietary data, from financial institutions all accross North America.  The poweful information in this study reveals detailed industry insights about transaction efficiency trends in the retail branch environment - amongst other information, such as labor cost statistics.  See how you can better control labor costs.