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The Teller Management System™ (TMS)

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Through the power of a sophisticated scheduling module that schedules tellers based on forecasted transaction volumes, The Teller Management System™ (TMS) helps banks and credit unions of all sizes gain better control of labor costs while increasing service levels.

With industry teller transaction volumes at historic lows, the time is now to benefit from an array of monthly teller management system reports that analyze key productivity metrics including:
  • Excess Waiting for Work Time (or idle time)
  • Unit Labor Cost Per Transaction
  • Average Teller Salary & Benefits Cost
  • Actual Staffing Effectiveness Charts
  • Workforce Utilization Percentages

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What are the top 10 benefits of the Teller Management System (TMS)?

"Since January 2008 FMSI’s Teller Management System™ has provided our management team with actionable business intelligence, saving us millions in branch network operating expenses.  I have been impressed by their responsiveness, proprietary management reports and valuable subject matter expertise.  FMSI’s support has been critical to the success of our teller optimization initiative, which would have been very difficult to achieve through our internal resources.  Put simply, utilizing FMSI’s outsourced reporting and automated scheduling was a big win for us." 

Jim Shinn
Central Bancompany
EVP, Director of Retail Banking

The FMSI Teller-Line Study white paper is based on a compilation of statistics, built off 20 years of proprietary data, from financial institutions all accross the country.  The poweful information in this study reveals detailed industry insights about transaction efficiency trends in the retail branch environment - amongst other information, such as labor cost statistics.  See how you can better control labor costs. 

Automated Scheduling

The Teller Management System™
using its automated scheduling feature, takes volume forecasts by branch and matches it to teller work preferences—creating detailed monthly work schedules and branch efficiency.  These schedules take into consideration personal work limitations, training, vacations and other non-transaction processing tasks (e.g., ATM balancing, currency counting, etc.).  The result is a schedule that maximizes customer/member service on the teller line while minimizing the cost of service delivery.

Teller Incentives & Comparative Benchmarking

You can also use TMS Reports to set teller performance goals and identify top-performing tellers, and then use the optional teller incentive program to recognize and reward these top producers (conversely see Identify Coaching Opportunities).  TMS Reports also benchmark your institution with other Teller Management System™ clients across the country with the FMSI Comparative Data Report, so you know where your institution stands on key performance metrics.

Online Dashboard

  • Detailed summary views - including cost per transaction trend charts
  • See data in multiple formats 
  • Enhanced feature will lead to a more succinct business intelligence analysis 
“The new FMSI Online Dashboard is a powerful tool, which  I found to be very user friendly.  It will be extremely helpful for our COO, CFO, CEO, as well as my branch managers to quickly review and analyze our TMS data.”

Yvonne Holland

VP of Branch Operations

Learn more about the FMSI TMS Online Dashboard

Outsourced Solution

Because it is an outsourced solution, there is no hardware or software to purchase or support with FMSI's Teller Program.  And training is easy with online support through FMSI University™.

TMS Trial Period

As part of the evaluation process for our prospective clients, we offer a complimentary 30 day trial period.  Click here for all the details.

Client Testimonials

To see what other banks and credit unions are saying about The Teller Management System™, ask us, click on Contact Us below or see TMS Client Testimonials here.


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