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Lobby Tracking System™ (LTS)

Capture the Branch Pulse

The FMSI Lobby Tracking System™ (LTS) captures the branch pulse by tracking and measuring both the member experience and employee performance (with iPad and kiosk integration).  With over 25 unique service and sales reports including: employee productivity reports, account holder volume reports and Cross-Sell Reports, LTS is the perfect performance analysis tool.

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"FMSI's Lobby Tracking System™ gave me the data I needed to better analyze branch comparisons and make more informed and confident staffing and service decisions."

Jeff Carpenter
VP of Membership and Development
Wright-Patt Credit Union

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Streamline Your Account Holder Lobby Experience

The Lobby Tracking System™ streamlines your account holder lobby experience—from the minute they arrive to the second they leave—through LTS’s proprietary eClipboard queue management system.  Your account holders will be impressed with the seamless professional process and your team will be excited to have all the pertinent information at their fingertips.  In addition, you can eliminate critical service issues, with wait time alerts—which are timely and preventative "pop up notifications" sent to your team. 


Key Productivity, Sales and Service Indicators

Because our lobby tracking software is a web-based, queuing and reporting tool, The Lobby Tracking System™ monitors the following key productivity, sales and service indicators in real-time: 
  • The number of accounts assisted per branch in real-time (non-teller related)
  • The purpose of their visit and their current wait time
  • Who is serving them and how long it is taking (see Identify Coaching Opportunities)
  • What products are being sold
  • The cross-sell ratio for each service representative.  Learn more by clicking here, Lobby Cross-Selling feature.

Make Fact-Based Service Decisions

With this real-time view of lobby activity, management can make informed branch lobby management decisions to:

Reduce Costly Errors with Product/Service Procedural Guidelines

With the Lobby Tracking System "Check List" feature, your Service Representatives will have procedural guidelines displayed on their screens, per product/service. This tool will serve as a walk-through for the many different products and services the Service Representatives are responsible for. The account holders will be impressed with the seamless professional process and the Service Representatives will be relieved to have all the right information readily available.

Tackle Long Wait Times and Increase Account Holder Privacy

The Lobby Tracking System™
automatically notifies supervisors of long wait times, allowing you to tackle service improvement opportunities head-on. Service representatives electronically receive a list of waiting account holders by name coupled with the reason they are visiting—allowing for a more professional, skill-based assignment of representatives. The Lobby Tracking System™ also eliminates the need for paper logs, increasing privacy.

Do I need a Lobby Management Tool, like the Lobby Tracking System™?

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