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The ContactCenter Management System™ (CMS)

Find the Right Balance for Your Contact Center

By scheduling agents based on forecasted call volumes, The ContactCenter Management System™ (CMS) allows financial institutions to optimize their contact center staff while achieving desired service levels.

Contact Center Monthly Management Reports

Exclusive to financial institutions, an array of monthly contact center management reports (CMS Reports) analyze key productivity metrics including:
  • Agent Productivity
  • Actual Staffing Effectiveness
  • Plus Many More Reports from a Management Perspective

“By scheduling our agents based on forecasted call volumes, FMSI’s ContactCenter Management SystemTM(CMS), has been instrumental in decreasing our average call wait times from five minutes plus to our targeted goal of below three minutes.  In addition, not only do we receive valuable monthly CMS management reports, our agents now have more flexible schedules that match their preferences –and, most importantly, our productivity has significantly improved.”
Jocelyn Cassidy
Tyndall Federal Credit Union
Regional Branch Manager

Automated Contact Center Staff Scheduling
The automated web-based scheduling engine for CMS takes volume forecasts by center and matches it to agent work preferences - creating optimized daily work schedules.  These schedules can be delivered electronically and take into consideration personal work limitations, training, vacations and other non-transaction processing tasks.  The result is a schedule that maximizes service levels while minimizing the cost of service delivery.  Schedules can be viewed online, printed and sent through email.

Track, Forecast & Manage Contact Center Strengths and Non-Strengths
CMS helps financial institutions understand the issues that impact their contact center’s performance and why they are occurring.  Armed with the extensive CMS reports and the expertise of the FMSI Client Services Representative, each client has a CMS “plan of action” uniquely prepared for them to include:

  • Benchmark Performance Levels
  • Identify Strengths and Non-strengths
  • Diagnose and Understand Performance Improvement Opportunities
  • Prescribe Actions to Improve Performance
  • Establish Goals With Forecasted CMS Data
  • Monitor and Improve
An example of a performance improvement opportunity could be the absence of a formal process that is intended to motivate each agent to excel.  The CMS “plan of action” would include benchmarking the performance numbers for top-performing agents, and then implementing a contact center incentive plan that rewards all top producers based on these productivity numbers.  Another example would be to implement an evaluation process that allows Supervisors to quickly identify coaching opportunities for agents that require productivity training.  Agents will be motivated to excel and appreciative of the incentive pay plan, recognition opportunity and the targeted productivity coaching.

After tracking and adjusting the appropriate contact center processes and staffing – with the CMS solution – the contact center will have a more consistent, measurable and desirable staffing and service level.  Management will gain a valuable decision support tool and enjoy performance management information.

Focus on Your Core Competency
Since CMS is an outsourced solution, there is no hardware or software to purchase or support. 

The Perfect Complement

Working harmoniously with the Teller Management SystemTM, the CMS solution is the perfect complement to our teller operations product.  The FMSI overall performance enhancement solutions will create great synergies amongst the different business units of financial institutions.  Furthermore, utilizing multiple FMSI products will generate efficiency savings as a direct result from partnering with one performance management information expert.

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