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FMSI Branch Efficiency Audit

How much is it costing your institution every time a transaction takes place on your front-line?

Most institutions have some sort of process in place to ensure they are getting the most out of their branch staff productivity and service.  However, when it comes to evaluating this process, and its effectiveness, many institutions turn to FMSI and its Branch Efficiency Audit to either validate their system, or uncover additional opportunities.


Getting Started

  • After a 30-minute business discussion, where we review at a high-level your unique branch staffing and service approachand make sure it makes sense for both parties to continuewe will set up a free 90 minute workshop.  
  • During this workshop our experts will work closely with your team to gain a more intimate understanding of your front-line operation and processes.
  • Following this detailed review, our representative with over 25 years of financial services workforce optimization experience behind them, will be able to either validate your process is performing at an optimal level, or present to you any additional opportunities for improvement they may have uncovered.  The average FMSI client realizes reductions of tens of thousands of dollars, per branch, in the first year on our system alone.
  • Additional opportunities may include providing demos of scheduling process improvements with FMSI’s Omnix Staff Scheduler™ or showcasing reporting enhancements with FMSI’s Omnix Performance Analytics and Interactive Dashboard™.
  • At the end of the free 90 minute workshop the institution is presented with the option of either moving forward with FMSI’s Branch Efficiency Audit, or an official proposal (in the event where the institution is ready to acquire our Omnix solution without purchasing the Branch Efficiency Audit).

Here is How the Branch Efficiency Audit Works

We will work with your IT team to get one month of transaction data (minimal effort required from your IT department).  Once we have this information, we run it against our proprietary system to produce a set of detailed performance management reports.

Here is a summary of what you will receive for the branches we process for:

  • Discussion points of your volumes, performance, cost and recommendations for improving your overall workforce effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Performance management KPIs at the individual, branch, regional and bank level including: excessive waiting on work analysis, workforce utilization reports by individual and position, optimal versus actual staffing reports and other KPIs results.
  • Detailed actionable business intelligence from other bank and credit unions. Comparing your institution's branch performance to similar institutions in FMSI's monthly peer-to-peer ranking report can highlight significant gaps in what you thought was attainable and your actual performance.

Contact us now to get a Branch Efficiency Audit started today

The FMSI Teller-Line Study white paper is based on a compilation of statistics, built off 25 years of proprietary data, from financial institutions all across North America.  The powerful information in this study reveals detailed industry insights about transaction efficiency trends in the retail branch environment - amongst other information, such as labor cost benchmarking statistics.  Read this concise and informative white paper to learn about the impact of overstaffed front-lines.