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Record Number of Financial Institutions Acquire FMSI Workforce Optimization Solutions in 2012

Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (FMSI), a provider of business intelligence solutions for banks and credit unions, announced today that a record number of new clients joined the FMSI family in 2012.  A total of 50 new banks and credit union contracts have been executed with FMSI—an investment aimed at improving their retail branch business intelligence and scheduling.

“In reaction to the increasing federal and economic pressures, many financial institutions are looking for ways to do more with less,” says W. Michael Scott, President/CEO of FMSI.  “Organizations that have already made simple changes, like cutting back on amenities and streamlining the décor of their branch, are now turning to more sophisticated avenues for cost improvement.”

FMSI’s Teller Management SystemTM and Lobby Tracking SystemTM empower senior managers with the required performance management information that leads to material bottom-line savings and increased branch sales. 

“Adjusting teller staffing models is a prime area for improved efficiencies yet most institutions don’t have the information or resources at hand to make this kind of complex adjustment in thinking,” says Scott. "With more than 20 years of experience helping banks and credit unions improve the productivity of their staff, our unique solutions for measuring and forecasting transaction volumes - then comparing the results in a peer ranking – regularly reveal areas for improving services and productivity and are thereby helping to restore profitability to the branches."

About Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (FMSI)

Located in Atlanta, GA and established in 1990, FMSI provides easy-to-use yet sophisticated, business intelligence systems —The Teller Management System™ (TMS), The ContactCenter Management System™ (CMS), and the Lobby Tracking System™ (LTS)— that allow financial institutions to manage and staff to meet their service and sales needs.  As the industry experts, FMSI gives banks the ability to schedule their team throughout the branch network, and to manage staff through easy-to-read color graphics and succinct management reports.  FMSI provides performance management information exclusively to financial institutions of all sizes.  Visit the company's website at or call 877.887.3022 to schedule a complimentary online demonstration of any of our products.

Interested in learning which financial institutions signed up with FMSI in 2012?  Click on the below PDF.