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Appointment Scheduling for Banks and Credit Unions

Omnix Appointment Concierge - Appointment Scheduling Software for Banks and Credit Unions

Designed for the Branch Staff...

Appointment scheduling software isn't just a convenient tool for your account holders.  Kronos FMSI Appointment Concierge™ provides your branch staff with valuable insights about their branches and helps them schedule staffing resources appropriately.  Eliminate the frustration and revenue-loss associated with lobby abandons and long wait times while ensuring your employee idle time is filled with account holder facing activities.

...and for the account holder

Your account holders are looking for the most efficient way to interact with your branches.  Appointment Concierge allows customers to schedule appointments with your bank or credit union using geolocation technology right from their smart phone, tablet or computer before they ever step foot in your lobby.

Software Features:

Organize and Optimize Your Lobby Experience

Long wait times and lobby abandons can wreak havoc on the profitability of your branches.  Appointment Concierge helps to eliminate these issues by automating the process of scheduling in-branch appointments and sending out reminders to your account holders.  Our “omni-channel” enhancing software allows your account holders to seamlessly connect with your institution at every level—from your call center, to your website or mobile app, and ultimately in your branch lobby (also available in spanish).

Organize the lobby of your financial institution by letting your account holders schedule appointments online! - FMSI's Omnix Appointment Concierge
Create employee profiles and schedule employees to handle account holder appointments with FMSI's Omnix Appointment Concierge.

Customizable Lobby Employee Profiles

When an account holder schedules an appointment, our software will automatically match that individual with the most qualified, available employee based on their specific talents, abilities and availability.  This feature also improves the staff scheduling process by taking into account what types of account holder appointments are scheduled on particular days and making sure these requests are covered.


Native Appointment Reminders

Appointment Concierge helps to reduce appointment "no-shows" by sending automated calendar invites and periodic email and text reminders to your account holders.  Our calendar invites are compatible with many popular calendar applications, such as Outlook and Gmail.  With one touch, your account holders can easily add their appointment to their personal calendar.

Omnix Appointment Concierge sends native appointment reminders to your account holders through email and text messages.


Gain valuable data and metrics about how your bank or credit union is performing from our Omnix Appointment Concierge software.

Comprehensive Data and Insights

Appointment Concierge allows management teams to analyze data and trends that occur at each of your branches.  For example, after reviewing the metrics from our software, you might notice a spike in car loan appointments on Friday afternoons at a certain branch.  This branch manager can now support an increase in the right type of staff and schedule accordingly.


Rapid Deployment and Custom Branding

Appointment Concierge™ can be quickly deployed on your institution's website and mobile application by simply adding a few pieces of code to your digital assets.

While interacting with Appointment Concierge, we don't want your account holders to feel like they are being redirected to a 3rd party website or service.  For this reason, our software is a completely white label solution that can be customized with your company's logo and brand colors.

FMSI can quickly implement and brand our appointment scheduling software on your bank or credit union's website and mobile app.


Watch a Demo Now!

Now that you know more about FMSI’s powerfulAppointment Concierge™ software, we know you want to see it in action!  After completing this demo request form, you’ll have instant access to a recorded demo video that will take you through every aspect of our appointment scheduling software.  If you're ready to implement Omnix Appointment Concierge™ in your financial institution, contact us today!

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