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Omnix Interactive Dashboard™

Business Intelligence. Visualized.

Are you tired of sifting through stacks of spreadsheets and pages of data to make sense of how your financial institution’s branches are performing? While managers appreciate getting their hands on as much reliable performance data as possible, it can often leave them feeling overwhelmed with too much information and no means to interpret it.

FMSI set out to change that. Our Omnix Interactive Dashboard™ is a web-based visualization tool that provides branch managers and financial executives with a complete branch productivity snapshot, while still allowing you to quickly and easily drill down into more specific KPIs.

Product Features:

Visualize Your Data

The Omnix Interactive Dashboard™ provides branch managers and executives with unmatched visibility and insight into productivity, opportunities for improvement, and staffing effectiveness. Within a few minutes of analyzing the data on your business intelligence dashboard, you can assess the health of crucial areas of your branch’s operation.

Monitor Employee Performance & Opportunities

Which of your employees are superstars and which employees could benefit from additional training or coaching? With Omnix Interactive Dashboard™, comprehensive data about each employee’s performance and productivity are available at your fingertips. Additionally, when employees know their performance is being monitored on an ongoing basis, FMSI has found that they innately start to improve on their own.

Never Stop Improving Your Branches

When it comes to using business intelligence data to make improvements to your financial institution, there is always room to grow. The information that is compiled automatically by the Omnix Interactive Dashboard™ provides managers and executives with an opportunity to continuously improve your internal processes, operating procedures, and employee productivity.

What KPI's Can You Track?

With Omnix Interactive Dashboard™, you’ll be able to drill down to specific, industry-standard key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are used by financial institutions across North America to keep their branches profitable, efficient, and on track for success. Here are just a few of the most important KPI’s that Omnix Interactive Dashboard™ can help you track:


  • Historic Performance Comparisons
  • Actual vs. Goal Transactions per Hour
  • Average Lobby Interaction Processing Time


  • Overall Employee Effectiveness
  • Realized vs. Unrealized Gains
  • Rank Branches Based on Performance

Costs and Volumes:

  • Frontline Employee Labor Cost per Transaction
  • Number of Total Transactions
  • Salary and Benefits Costs

Staffing Effectiveness:

  • Excess Labor Costs
  • Full-Time / Part-Time Workforce Utilization
  • Time Spent “Waiting for Work”

See Our Software in Action!

At FMSI, we are certain that our Omnix suite of software for financial intuitions can help your branches become more efficient and profitable. If you would like to learn more about Omnix Interactive Dashboard™ or any of our other software products, you can start now by signing up for a no-obligation demo. After completing this demo request form, a member of our sales team will reach out to you and schedule your walkthrough.