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Kronos Lobby Tracker®: Lobby Management Software

The branch lobby is arguably the most important interaction point within your institution.  With that in mind, why are you not collecting critical sales and service lobby performance information in real-time?  With FMSI’s comprehensive Kronos Lobby Tracker, that can change. 

In order to keep your lobby useful and relevant, watch this short video to learn how FMSI's performance software system—specifically designed for financial institutions—allows you to accurately measure both your lobby’s service experience and employee achievements.

Key Features of Lobby Tracker:

  • Manages account holder sign-ins and total wait times from a computer, tablet or kiosk.
  • Allows your account holders to check lobby wait times from your website or mobile app.
  • Alerts critical members of your staff when wait time thresholds are not being met.

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To get started, simply complete the contact form and you'll be instantly redirected to the software demo. During this demo, you'll get to see exactly how lobby tracker works, how your account holders will interact with it, and what types of data-reporting tools will be available to you and your management team. 

Lobby Tracker® Can Help You...

Click on any of the following screenshots below to enlarge the screenshot and explore the look and feel of Lobby Tracker.

Analyze Data From Real-time Lobby Activity

Check-In Lobby Visitors Quickly & Easily

Update the Status of Lobby Visitors

Want to Hear What Our Current Clients Say About FMSI?

"We are offering a much smoother branch experience now that we have the lobby tracking system."

-Mike Caissey, Regional Branch Manager
Digital Federal Credit Union

About FMSI:

FMSI, a Kronos company, is committed to developing software solutions that drive productivity, sales, and service performance within the branches of credit unions and retail banks. Complimented by Kronos' experience and dedication to providing world-class Human Capital Management (HCM), FMSI's software products are currently being utilized by hundreds of financial institutions across the country to increase their overall profitability and customer service. If you'de like more information about FMSI, any of our products, or if you'd like to speak to an FMSI representative about implementing our software in your retail bank or credit union, please contact us today!