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Omnix Lobby Tracker®: Lobby Management Software

The lobby of a bank or credit union is arguably the most important interaction point with your institution.  With that in mind, why would your lobby not be the most optimized and sales-and-service-focused part of your branch?  With FMSI’s comprehensive Omnix Lobby Tracker®, now it can be. 

In order to keep your financial institution’s lobbies useful and relevant, you need to ask yourself, “are my account holders getting everything they desire when they visit our branch?”  FMSI’s data-driven performance analysis software system was specifically designed for financial institutions, and will allow you to accurately measure both your lobby’s service experience and employee achievements—or most importantly, the lack thereof.

Product Features:

Easily Manage Customer Sign-Ins and Wait Times

It’s time to throw away your old clipboard and sign-in sheets and upgrade your lobby sign-in process to the 21st century.   FMSI’s Omnix Lobby Tracker® allows you to digitally sign-in your customers from a tablet or self-service kiosk, select which service they need assistance with, and monitor each account holder’s individual wait time.

Allow Customers to Check Wait Times Remotely

Your account holders can view lobby wait times before they even step foot into a branch by utilizing the Lobby Wait Time Widget, included with Omnix Lobby Tracker®.  This widget can be quickly inserted onto your financial institution’s website or mobile app and can be accessed by the computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Provide an additional value-added service to your account holders when you pair Omnix Lobby Tracker® with FMSI’s Omnix Appointment Concierge.  This add-on perfectly complements the lobby wait time widget by allowing your account holders to schedule appointments at a specific branch location when there are undesirable current wait times—also using your institution’s website or mobile app.

Set Up Alerts for Specific Staff and Managers

Wouldn’t it be great if your lobby staff and branch managers knew there were critical lobby service thresholds not being met in real-time?  With Omnix Lobby Tracker®, you can set up customizable alerts so that as account holders exceed acceptable wait times, vital members of your branch staff are notified immediately.

Create “Check Lists” to Reduce Internal Errors

Lobby employees help your account holders with a variety of transactions such as: opening new accounts, reordering checks / debit cards, and completing loan applications.   It is easy for your employees to make costly mistakes when each product has different forms and procedures that accompany it.  With the Omnix Lobby Tracker® “Check List” feature, you can ensure that every account holder has a consistent and professional experience when visiting your branch lobbies.

Our Check List feature is included with Omnix Lobby Tracker® and gives your employees a step-by-step list of the procedures and forms associated with each of your financial institution’s products.  Finally, with our “document-link” technology, lobby employees can select, view, and print important forms and documents directly from their FMSI software.  

Industry-Leading Data Collection and Reporting

When your management decisions are based on solid data from your branches, you can guarantee that each of your locations are optimized to best serve your account holders.  FMSI’s Lobby Tracker® comes pre-loaded with over 25 unique service and sales reports including: employee productivity reports, account holder volume reports and cross-sell reports

Because FMSI’s Lobby Tracker® is a web-based application, you can also quickly view the number of products sold, assess lobby performance by branch or by employee skill level, and monitor lobby traffic—all in real-time.

Client Testimonials:

FMSI’s Omnix Lobby Tracker® is being used in bank and credit union branch lobbies all across the country See what our customers who are currently using our lobby management software have to say about it. 

"It allows us to be more efficient, more productive, and we also know who we are going to serve."

-Julian Hampton, Branch Manager
Educators Credit Union

 "Using FMSI and their lobby tracking system allowed us to assign a labor cost to each task at hand."

-Jeff Rindfleisch, EVP of Lending
Seasons Credit Union

View Our 2016 Retail Branch Lobby Study / White Paper

How does your branch lobby stack up against other financial institutions across North America?  Our Retail Branch Lobby Study consisting of over 780,000 lobby interactions, provides you with key industry metrics such as: average lobby wait times and sales vs.  service interaction percentage breakdowns.   Download it for free now!


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