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Business Intelligence Software for Financial Institutions


Omnix Performance Analytics - Business Intelligence Software for Banks and Credit Unions

With Omnix Performance Analytics™ from FMSI, your financial institution will gain access to in-depth business intelligence data that you can utilize to make effective, ongoing staffing decisions within your branches.  This software application includes exclusive access to FMSI's monthly ranking report of all the financial institutions utilizing our software, known in the idustry as the FMSI Comparative Data Report.

What do you get when utilizing Omnix Performance Analytics™?

  • Detailed reporting focused on employee productivity and labor cost
  • Performance management KPIs at the individual, branch, regional and institution level
  • Comparative data ranking report with financial institutions from all over North America

Track Individual Performance within the Branch

Empower your management team with detailed performance information for each branch employee.  This powerful information can be used for targeted coaching and training opportunities.  With a multitude of skill sets spread across many unique staff members, having this helpful business intelligence can lead to significant gains in productivity, account holder service, and sales performance.

Visualize Your Branch Data

Want to take your data one step further?  You'll love how Omnix Performance Analytics™ works hand-in-hand with FMSI's Omnix Interactive Dashboard™.  Our easy-to-use dashboard takes your analytics data and puts it into a visual web-based report that your entire management team can access and use to make informed branch performance decisions.

FMSI's Exclusive Comparative Data Report - The 4 Metrics of Success:

The monthly FMSI Comparative Data Report is available to all Omnix Performance Analytics™ customers and provides you with invaluable data about the performance of other financial institutions.  By harnessing the power of FMSI's extensive reach into the banking industry, you can set reasonable baselines and achievable goals for your staff's productivity and profitability.  The FMSI Comparative Report provides our clients with four key data sets each month:

1) Front Line Staff Productivity

At FMSI, we measure productivity in transactions per staff hour worked, or TPH.  This metric shows you the number of transactions that your employees are processing on average for each hour worked on the teller line.

2) Labor Cost per Transaction

Labor directly affects your institution's profitability.  We measure labor cost by totaling the salary and benefits paid to your tellers to process transactions minus your brick and mortar overhead costs.

3) Salary / Benefits Rate Paid

Underpaying or overpaying your employees can directly impact your level of service and your bottom line.  Rate Paid is a weighted average of your staff's salary paid factored down to an hourly rate of pay including the cost of benefits for each staff member.

4) Part-Time / Full-Time Staff Percentage

Full-time employees are an asset to financial institutions, but they can also cost you an excess amount of money.  Knowing this part-time / full-time staff percentage helps you to manage this number to more optimal levels. 

How Much Could FMSI Save You?

FMSI's ultimate goal is to create software solutions that can save your financial institution money and improve your earnings.  If you'd like a better idea of the potential savings your bank or credit union could experience, check out FMSI's Efficiency Calculator.  Simply input your number of frontline employees, your average hourly rate, and set the annual percentage savings you'd like to realize.  Most FMSI clients realize a 20% reduction in labor costs and some of our clients have realized savings of 40+%!    


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