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Kronos FMSI Scheduler™: Workforce Management for Financial Institutions

FMSI’s Omix Scheduler Editor allows you to quickly and easily manage your financial institution’s employee scheduling.Are you tired of guessing when it comes to scheduling tellers and other staff members at your branches? Our bank and credit union clients realized that they are most successful when their branches are precisely scheduled with a more sophisticated system, putting the right employees, in the right place, at the right time. 

The Kronos FMSI Scheduler™ is an easy-to-use web-based software that allows you to optimally schedule your financial institution’s staff based on forecasted levels of traffic throughout the entire day at each branch, while taking into account individual employee’s abilities and availability.

Product Features:

Quickly and Easily Edit Your Branch Schedules

Stop spending hours refining and rearranging employees on your branches’ schedules until you get it just right. Our scheduling software comes equipped with FMSI’s powerful drag-and-drop Schedule Editor which will help you streamline your schedule creation process. 

Whether an employee has a last minute vacation request or calls in sick, you’ll have the ability to quickly edit your day-to-day schedules and optimize your workforce. Our editor also lets you view the immediate impact of schedule modifications, so that your branches always remain as efficient and profitable as possible, while maintaining excellent service. We estimate that our customers save 40-50% of the time spent creating and managing schedules in Excel once they start using our web-based Schedule Editor.

Schedule All Types of Staff Members Based on Traditional or Universal Employee Models

Whether your branch follows a traditional platform / lobby model or utilizes the concept of universal tellers, FMSI's unique concept of Whole Branch Scheduling can easily be adapted to fit your specific branch operations.

  • Cross-utilize bank employees within a specific branch
  • Create fair rotations for “less desirable” tasks or shifts
  • Schedule down-time responsibilities to individual employees
  • Manage floating staff members and fill schedule gaps using our new Schedule Gap Management tool

Part of FMSI’s Powerful Suite of Bank Management Software

FMSI offers a powerful suite of web-based software to optimize the operations of bank branches and financial institutions.The scheduler is only one part of FMSI’s branch optimization software suite. Combined with our comprehensive Kronos FMSI Performance Analytics™ software, you can utilize historical and real-time data when making staffing decisions.

By analyzing your monthly transaction data and forecasting account holder traffic (in 15 min increments), FMSI’s software suite can help you create an optimal staff mixture of full-time and part-time employees to achieve your transaction-per-hour goals and meet the service demands of your account holders.   

FMSI also offers additional add-ons to our software suite that will enhance the customer service within your branch network. These optional add-ons include:

Mange you bank employee’s availability and abilities by creating individual staff profiles in FMSI’s Omnix Staff Scheduler software.

Create Employee Profiles and Manage Individual Availability

Managing each individual employee’s availability and skill set can be one of the most difficult parts of workforce optimization within a financial institution. With our scheduler, you can easily create employee profiles that keep all of this information at your fingertips, allowing you to:

  • Manage when employees are, or are not, available to work
  • Assign individual staff members to specific branch locations
  • Keep track of and utilize your employee’s special skills, such as being bilingual 
  • Select the maximum number of days or hours an individual can work - ideal for part-time employees
  • All schedules are smart-phone compatible, so employees can retrieve schedules on their cell phones

Client Testimonials

Do you want to know more about how FMSI’s scheduler can make your financial institution more effective? Take it from our clients who have implemented and are currently using our workforce optimization software in their branches.

"I could very confidently tell folks if they asked me about a scheduling software system who I would recommend and it would be FMSI." 

-Matt Gendron, SVP of Operations
ENT Federal Credit Union, Colorado

 "Using FMSI, we've been able to measure the productivity of our staff and adapt to the changing behavior of consumers and customers." 

-Joe Mitchell, SVP of Branches / Marketing
Bridgewater Savings Bank, based in Massachusetts

Contact FMSI for a Free Demo of Our Software

Are you ready to eliminate the hassle and wasted time associated with creating employee schedules for your bank branches? Contact FMSI today and we’ll provide you a complimentary walk-through of our workforce optimization solutions. With FMSI, you can streamline your operations and bring the management of your branches into the 21st century.