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Technology Improves Branch Member Experience, Increases Sales

The $535 million East Texas Professional Credit Union (ETPCU) has made significant gains in both their account holder branch service experience and employee performance reporting capabilities with the help of FMSI’s Omnix Lobby Tracker®.  By providing an electronic member tracking system and detailed performance management information, FMSI has helped ETPCU achieve a 16.5 percent increase in sales since late 2012, while decreasing their average member assist-times by more than five minutes. 

All About the Member Experience

ETPCU places a premium on their branch service experience, and when they learned of a solution that would eliminate undesirable member experiences associated with their outdated clipboard sign-in-sheet, they were excited to make a change.

“Tracking members on a sheet of paper has its limitations, especially in a crowded lobby,” says Scot Haines, the SVP of Operations at ETPCU. “Occasionally a member would get lost in the shuffle and end up waiting much longer than they needed to.  With the FMSI solution we’re able to electronically track all lobby interactions, which ensures our members are taken care of in the right way and in a timely manner.”

Ongoing Coaching and Communication with Employees

Tracking, measuring and managing employee performance with the help of FMSI’s detailed reporting has helped ETPCU significantly improve their branch sales and service.  Just in the last couple of years through identifying coaching opportunities when analyzing individual employee assist-times—a figure they collect through FMSI’s system— they were able to reduce their overall member assist-time average by more than five minutes.

“There are so many different personalities and approaches, it can be difficult to pinpoint employees who may have a need for additional coaching,” says Haines.  “However, with the right performance metrics like average assist-time and sales-per-member-seen figures, it can make it easier to determine which employees may need some extra training.”

ETPCU utilizes a sales-per-member-seen metric to better understand which employees are effectively cross-selling to account holders.

“Whether it’s being more efficient or spending more time asking needs assessment type questions, we want to make sure all our staff is performing consistently and at a high-level,” adds Haines.

Improved Efficiencies

Through the aforementioned reduction in average assist-time, FMSI’s solution has helped ETPCU increase the number of members each service representative is seeing per day by 31 percent.  This improvement can be directly tied to improvements in both branch sales and service performance.

“We have enjoyed continuous efficiency improvements over the last couple of years with the help of FMSI’s solution,” says Haines.  “As a result, our gained efficiencies helped to lower our wait-times in the lobby and increased our product sales.”

Best Practices from ETPCU SVP of Operations

  • Distribute an official standard operating procedure document to your staff, defining exactly what products and services are considered sales.  This will ensure better data entry and more accurate sales reporting.
  • Communicate the purpose of the FMSI software to your staff during the roll-out, which for us was about taking better care of the members when they’re visiting the branch, and also having a tool to better recognize top performers.
  • Set-up a wait-time alert in the FMSI system that notifies the CEO or another senior executive of your organization if a certain threshold is reached.  Our threshold is 15 minutes, and it’s always in the back of our minds to never allow an individual’s wait-time to reach this number.

FMSI has helped East Texas Professional Credit Union systematically improve its branch service and sales.  As a result, when their account holders arrive at the branch, they are now waiting less and getting exactly what they need, all while spending a shorter amount of time in the branch. 
About East Texas Professional Credit Union

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